Happy National 8-Track Day!

Happy National 8-Track Day! Does anyone still have any 8-track tapes, and if you do; A: are they still playable? B: do you have a player? My parents had several, but I only had about 4 or 5. I was more into vinyl, even as a teenager. My thing was… Read more“Happy National 8-Track Day!”

Ferlin Husky “Walkin’ And A-Hummin’ Country Classic Revived

  On the turntable is this 1961 Ferlin Husky release, Walkin and A-Hummin’. On this album, Ferlin revives his 1953 single (the title track), and adds seven Hank William covers, along with four other original tracks. Walkin’ And A-Hummin’ was Ferlin Husky’s seventh Capitol album release, hitting records stores in… Read more“Ferlin Husky “Walkin’ And A-Hummin’ Country Classic Revived”

Marty Robbins “Marty After Midnight” 1962

Marty Robbins shows more of his versatility in his album Marty After Midnight. A May 1962 release on Columbia, it was his second album of standards. A follow-up to his 1961 release Just a Little Sentimental. Jazz and pop standards are not a style that comes to mind when you… Read more“Marty Robbins “Marty After Midnight” 1962″

Rose Maddox “The One Rose” 1960

On the turntable, we are spinning The One Rose the debut Capitol release from Rose Maddox. Released in January 1960 in both stereo and mono versions, it was the first of her five solo albums with Capitol. The Alabama-native started performing with her brothers, as a child, following the family’s… Read more“Rose Maddox “The One Rose” 1960″

Bill Monroe “Road Of Life” 1974

On the turntable, it is one of Bill Monroe’s best gospel offerings. Road of Life is a 1974 offering from the legendary Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys. Released in June, it was the 26th major label (Decca/MCA, RCA Victor/Camden, Columbia/Harmony) album released in his career. Bill was arguably at his… Read more“Bill Monroe “Road Of Life” 1974″