Happy National 8-Track Day!

Happy National 8-Track Day! Does anyone still have any 8-track tapes, and if you do; A: are they still playable? B: do you have a player? My parents had several, but I only had about 4 or 5. I was more into vinyl, even as a teenager. My thing was… Read more“Happy National 8-Track Day!”

Ferlin Husky Records “Gone”…Twice

Ferlin Husky ascended to the top of Billboard’s country music charts this week in 1957. “Gone” was a mega-hit, becoming Ferlin’s biggest career hit record. But did you know that this was not Ferlin’s first attempt with this song? That came in 1952. Missouri native Ferlin Husky began recording in… Read more“Ferlin Husky Records “Gone”…Twice”