Happy National 8-Track Day!

Happy National 8-Track Day! Does anyone still have any 8-track tapes, and if you do; A: are they still playable? B: do you have a player? My parents had several, but I only had about 4 or 5. I was more into vinyl, even as a teenager. My thing was… Read more“Happy National 8-Track Day!”

Marty Robbins “Marty After Midnight” 1962

Marty Robbins shows more of his versatility in his album Marty After Midnight. A May 1962 release on Columbia, it was his second album of standards. A follow-up to his 1961 release Just a Little Sentimental. Jazz and pop standards are not a style that comes to mind when you… Read more“Marty Robbins “Marty After Midnight” 1962″